Oh, and for those who don’t already know Daffodil, here’s a bit of context I probably should have put in the Welcome post, but, well, I had some Daffodil to deal with:

Daffodil came into the world in the wee hours of 7 December, 2009, abruptly and ahead of schedule. Her outstanding characteristics at this stage were a complete lack of interest in sleep- her own or anyone else’; an absolute requirement to be cuddled, tickled, read to, conversed with, or otherwise entertained whenever awake, which was always; and some strange goings on in her head that caused her cranium to twist and distort in interesting and not entirely aesthetically pleasing ways. The only things that have changed are that she learned to sleep, though irregularly, sometime in her second year, and the judicious use of a plastic helmet (hence the sobriquet ‘Rocket Girl’) shoved her features back into a more or less symmetrical arrangement. What affect this may have had on her personality, I leave it to my gentle readers to judge.


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