Daffodil is in her ladybug tent.

Daffodil: “Papa! I need you to bring me the green cozy blanket!”

Me: “Green cozy blanket? This one?” (handing her a fleece throw with a green backing.)

Daffodil: “Not that one! The green one!”

Me: “It’s cozy, and it’s green.”

Daffodil: “It’s only green on one side. I want the cozy blanket that’s green on both sides.”

Me: “Alright. Let me look.” (I find a green plaid throw) “Here.”

Daffodil: “Good. Now give me the purple blanket.”

Me: (getting the purple blanket from the bed and handing it to her) “You’re a lot of trouble.”

Daffodil: “Blah blah blah. Get me the polka-dot blanket.”


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