Not Picky

Daffodil: “Papa! I want outside honor shoes!”

Me: “What? What are outside honor shoes?”

Daffodil: “No! No, no, no, no! NO! Not outside honor shoes! Elsa and Anna shoes!”

Me: “What are Elsa and Anna shoes?”

Daffodil: “Papa!”


I’m eating a roast beef sandwich.

Daffodil: “Can I have some?”

Me: “Sure.”

Daffodil: “Don’t give me the white part.”

Me: “The white part? What is the white part? You mean the bread?”

Daffodil: “Yeth.”

Me: “You know, the roast beef has mustard on it.”

Daffodil: “Eww! Sour!”

Me: “I’d better get you something else to eat, since you’re too picky for mustard.”

Daffodil: “Too picky? TOO PICKY?!! Why would you say that to a kid? WHY? That hurts my feelings.”

Me: “Do you want the roast beef with mustard on it?”

Daffodil: “No.”


2 thoughts on “Not Picky

    1. I have no idea, but as it turns out, Elsa and Anna shoes are merch from Frozen, which I have thus far avoided seeing. I probably need to check it out, though, because Daffodil tells me, “I would marry Olaf, if I was in the movie.”


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