Not Funny

Dear Daffodil Fans,

I know how important it is to keep ’em coming, the show must go on, no dead air time and all that, but I’m exhausted. The kicker was today’s visit to the doctor regarding Daffodil’s on-going issues with dizziness and her more recent bouts of puking. The Doc suspects it’s stress- she’s a sensitive flower and has been subjected to a lot of change (“It looks different in here. I don’t like different.”) in the last few years, but he wants to ‘rule a few things out’ with a CT scan. Probably nothing there, he says, but these are not the kind of words that inspire jollity in a parent, and either I’m casting a bit of a cloud on Daffodil or she understands more medical terminology than I thought.  Either way, we’re off til Friday, I think.


4 thoughts on “Not Funny

  1. Oh my. It’s something in the cosmos, taking swipes at me and the people of whom I am ever so fond. I do not like. I shall think good thoughts for the delicate flower and her doting da’. I am going with “strange flu bug.” There is one that causes intermittent dizziness, you know. Please keep us updated.

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