In Which We Mess About With A Pencil

As every parent knows, making your daughter into a cartoon character is an enterprise fraught with peril. Sooner or later she is bound to discover what you’ve been up to, and things will come home to roost and other things will hit fans and very likely books will be written that you will not want to read, but your friends will tell you the worst parts of anyway. Nevertheless, this is what I’m doing, and may God have mercy on my soul. I can only plead that I meant well.

So, in my copious spare time (I say, I say, I say, boy, I say, that’s a joke, son) over the last week or so I have been putting my hand to this delicate task. I have been out of the art game for a long time, and out of the comix game even longer, and the hand in question is rustier than barbed wire at the beach, so the results have been, shall we say, uneven. However, it seems to me that a blog is, by nature, a work in progress, and how much more so when it is about a work in progress, or, to be annoyingly meta, about a work in progress about a work in progress. So, I will begin to inflict my process, such as it is, on an unsuspecting public.

Below find a quick pencil of Daffodil in her Pooka stage. It does not, of course, look anything like the poor dear, except for the hair-do and the expression. It is, after all, a cartoon, not a portrait. In making a cartoon character, the hair-do is usually thought of as a key element of identification. Daffodil’s coiffure, while undergoing many changes of style, can generally be recognized by its resemblance to a coastal village struck simultaneously by a hurricane, an earthquake and a tsunami. This is probably All My Fault, but her hair always escapes every attempt at containment I try.


Daffodil has very mobile features and a flair for the dramatic. I wish I could tell you what the expression means, but, as a person who has been accused of having Asperger’s Syndrome on more than one occasion, the best I can do is to draw what I see and let you sort it out.

I’m having a certain amount of technical trouble, btw, with putting images where I’d like them to be. I imagine I’ll sort it out eventually, in the mean time, patience…


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