I Am Not A Monster!

NotaMonsterPeople ask me from time to time why Daffodil has so many aliases. In the beginning, it was because I would call her something until she figured out what it meant and squawked. More recently, she has been choosing her own noms de guerre. To reduce confusion with The Public, however, I usually only report those that stick around for awhile.

February 15, 2013

The Monster has informed me several times this week that, “I am not a monster!” While this may or may not be true, I take it as an indication that she no longer cares to be referred to in this way. I will therefore in future refer to her as ‘the Pooka,’ since this is what I call her all the time anyway, and she hasn’t googled it yet.

Thus began the Pooka EraOf course, earlier that day, my post was:

The Monster (stepping on my foot): “I’m gonna step on your toe!”
After a pause to bounce up and down: “Toe-MAY-toe!!”

One may judge for themselves what, exactly, ‘s in a name.


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