Monster Papa

Monster Papa Head

Perhaps some of you clever and discerning readers have noticed that I have changed my Display Name here on WordPress. I got to noticing that some of the quite clever blogs I was reading were authored by people with quite clever display names, and it seemed to me that I could actually remember some of them, as opposed to David Smith, or, as it might be, David Johnson, or John Davidson, or- well, you get the idea. I thought to myself, “Ah, perhaps there’s a method to this cleverness. I should get myself a quite clever display name.” But, I asked myself, what should it be? And, of course, I couldn’t think of anything. And then I recalled that, back in those dim days at the beginning of recorded history, before the Monster stopped wanting to be a monster, we’d have conversations like this:

The Monster: “Am I a monster?”

Me: “Yes.”

The Monster: “Are you my Papa?”

Me: “Yes.”

The Monster: “Are you a monster?”

Me: “Yes, and I’m going to eat you!”

The Monster: “AIEEEEEEEE!!!!!! Ahahahahaha!”

And there would be lots of tickling, and the Monster running around shrieking, “Monster Papa! Monster Papa!” After awhile she just decided to go with “Monster Papa” as a regular thing. So, I thought, that’s not quite clever, or even clever, but perhaps it fits and people will remember it along with the name of the blog. And┬áthere you have it. Of course, she hasn’t called me that for quite awhile, but on the other hand, just the other day she said to me, “You know, Papa, I don’t mind if you call me Monster, as long as you know I’m a little girl.” ┬áSo, who knows?

Now, as you can see from my self-portrait at the top of this post, I’m much too good-looking to actually be a monster, but whether that makes it more or less clever, I don’t know. Below find six more ways to tell I am not a monster:

Six reasons 2


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