Question of the Day

Question of the day

When you live around other human beings, inevitably some of them will get in your way. No doubt, you will get in their way from time to time also. For the most part I take this simple fact of life in stride and don’t let it disturb my wa, but sometimes I’m just flabbergasted:

As Daffodil and I left Costco in the rain, with a cart full of dog food and other bulky items, we approached a passage through one row of parked cars into the facing row, where an empty space next to our chariot beckoned. No sooner had we entered this passage, however, than an elderly woman in a widish car pulled into the space. She did not leave enough room for us to push the rather beamy Costco cart through, so we backed up, went around a car and a truck, and crossed behind her to get to our car.

As soon as we got behind her, she put her car into reverse, and we had to skip to get out of her way. Then, as I got Daffodil into our car, the woman backed out of the space and drove away.

Daffodil: “What’s ‘fuuuuuk’?”


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