On The Trail of My Little Art Director


Daffodil: “Jezirae (sp?) laughed at me.”

Me: “Why did she do that?”

Daffodil: “I told her, ‘NO! Don’t step there! You’re hurting it!'”

Me: “What was she hurting?”

Daffodil: “She said there was nothing there!”

Me: “What was she hurting?”

Daffodil: “I said, ‘NO! You’re stepping right on it!'”

Me: “What was she hurting?”

Daffodil: “She was hurting my Magination!”

Me: “Your what?”

Daffodil: “My Magination! She said there was nothing there, but my Magination was right there in front of her!”

Me: “Well, not everyone sees the same things.”

Daffodil: “I know. Nobody sees my Magination but me.”

Me: “What does your Magination look like?”

Daffodil: “You should draw a picture of it.”

Me: “Well, okay, but I don’t know what it looks like. You’ll have to describe it for me.”

Daffodil: “Okay. It’s about this big- (medium sized dog gestures) and it has scales.”

Me: “What does its head look like?”

Daffodil: “Well, kind of big, like this. It has a mouth, and big eyes.”

Me: “Is it like a snake head?”

Daffodil: “Maybe a little. It doesn’t have ears. It has ears. Just not on the outside.”

Me: “Does it have fangs?”

Daffodil: “No fangs. It’s nice. It has regular teeth.”

Me: “Like that?”

Daffodil: “Well… ”

Me: “What kind of legs does it have?”

Daffodil: “It doesn’t have any legs.”

Me: “So it’s kind of like a snake? A big fat snake?”

Daffodil: “No! It has feet. But no legs.”

Me: “Um… okay… how many feet does it have?”

Daffodil: “Four, of course.”

Me: “So, what kind of feet does it have?”

Daffodil: “Big. Thick. (makes round shapes). Like a lelef…. like a lefuh…”

Me: “Like an elephant?”

Daffodil: “Sort of. But not really.”

Me: (drawing elephant feet anyway) “Like this?”

Daffodil: “No toenails!”

Me: “Too late.”

Daffodil: “It’s in a tub.”

Me: “Like this?”

Daffodil: “No, deeper.”

Daffodil: “Deeper.”

Daffodil: “And it has claws.”

Me: “On the feet?”

Daffodil: “No, the tub. Like a bathtub.”

Daffodil: “Can you put him under the spray?”

Me: “Like a shower? Sure…”

Daffodil: (taking the pencil) “I’m going to draw tiles.”

Me: “Alright. Less is more. Too many will make it hard to see what’s going on.”

Daffodil: “Okay. Like this?”

Me: “Sure, that’s good.”

Daffodil: “Now draw me, giving it a bath.”

Me: “I’d better put you behind it.”

Daffodil: “It doesn’t like baths. Write the words!”

Daffodil: “That doesn’t look like my Magination.”

Me: “Sorry, I wish I could see it, it’s hard to draw something just from a description.”

Daffodil: “That’s okay. Maybe it’s his cousin.”



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