The Return of My Little Art Director


Daffodil: “Papa, draw me a picture.”

Me: “I’m pretty tired. How about I rest for a little bit and then draw you a picture?”

Daffodil: “Okay. You’re sick. I’m sick too, but I have lots of energy anyway.”

Me: “I’ve noticed.”

Daffodil (putting a baby blanket over me): “There. How’s that?”

Me: “That’s very nice, thank you.”

Daffodil makes up a song whose words I cannot understand and sings it.

Daffodil: “Did you like my song?”

Me: “Yes, that was beautiful.”

Daffodil: “It was very restful, wasn’t it?”

Me: ” ”

Daffodil: “Are you ready to draw my picture now?”

Me: “It would be nice to get a little more rest.”

Daffodil: “Do you need another blanket?”

Me: “No, that’s alright. One is fine.”

Daffodil puts another baby blanket on me.

Me: “Thank you. That’s enough. Just let me rest for a few minutes.”

Daffodil climbs over me onto the bed, kneeing me in the gut.

Daffodil: “I’ll rest with you.” She curls up beside me, holding my arm.

Daffodil: “It’s a picture of a Princess.”

Me (sighing): “What is the Princess doing?”

Daffodil: “I don’t know. You decide.”

Me: “Okay. After I rest.”

Daffodil: “Are you ready to draw my picture yet?”
Me: “Pretty soon. Let’s just have a bit of quiet time.”

Daffodil (whispering in my ear): “Okay. Are you ready to draw my picture yet?”

Me: “Does it matter? Okay, get off my arm, I’ll get up and draw your picture.”

I sit down at the table and start to draw.

Daffodil (looking over my shoulder): “What is that? That doesn’t look like a Princess.”

Me: “Just wait a minute.”

Daffodil: “Is it a dog? It doesn’t look like a dog. Oh, it has scales.”

Me: “Yes. It’s a dragon.”

Daffodil: “It looks like a cow.”

Me: “It’s a cow-dragon. They’re very fierce.”
Daffodil: “It’s supposed to be a Princess, remember?”

Me: “Just wait a minute.”

Daffodil: “Oh, she’s sitting on the cow-dragon. The cow-dragon is a girl, right?”

Me: “If you say so.”

Daffodil: “She’s a girl. And the Princess is sitting on her. Is that me?”

Me: “Yeth.”

Art direction010


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