My Little Art Director Strikes Back Again


Daffodil: “Papa, draw me a picture.”

Me: “What are we drawing?”

Daffodil: “Me washing and taking care of a dog.”

Me: “You washing and taking care of a dog?”

Daffodil: “No! Me watching a dog!”

Me: “Watching a dog? Like, with your eyeballs?”

Daffodil: “NO! Washing! Washing! WASHING!”

Me: “Like with a scrub brush in a tub?”

Daffodil: “YES! WASHING A DOG!”

Me: “That’s what I said the first time.”

Daffodil: “Wait, I have to draw this first…” (Takes pencil, puts two crossed lines across paper.)

Me: “What is this?”

Daffodil: “For the pictures. Little pictures. First, me washing the dog.”

Me: “What, four pictures? You’re a lot of trouble.”

Daffodil: “Just draw it.”

Daffodil: “What is that? A bathtub?”

Me: “No, just a wash tub. You’re washing the dog outside.”

Daffodil: “Can’t dogs just get in the bathtub?”

Me: “Sure, but they splash a lot of water in the house.”

Daffodil: “Oh, okay. Is that Sarah?”

Me: “Yeah, that’s our dog.”

Daffodil: “She doesn’t look that happy.”

Me: “She doesn’t like baths.”

Daffodil: “Okay, now I’m feeding her. Feeding her dog food.”

Me: “Okay. Like that?”

Daffodil: “That’s okay. Now she’s taking a nap.”

Me: “Alright.”

Daffodil: “Do dogs need pillows?”

Me: “Not really, but they like them. When they were wild animals they just lay on the ground, or on piles of leaves and stuff. But they like pillows.”

Daffodil: “Now in this one we’re playing.”

Me: “What kind of playing?”

Daffodil: “You know, running around. She chases a stick and brings it back to me.”

Me: (Sarah does not fetch) “Okay.”

Daffodil: “It’s lovely…”

Dog Watch


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