A Star Is Born. Or Not.

Princess Daffodil is sick today. She has a fever that goes up and down, and something of a sore throat, but not sufficient to make red spots or large swellings. All in all, she is in languid good humor, mostly watching Harold and the Purple Crayon and critiquing his sartorial choices.

(Daffodil: “Papa, why is he wearing those footies?”

Me: “He’s supposed to be in bed, sleeping.”

Daffodil: “Yeah, but why is he wearing THOSE footies?”)

Also, some time in the last week, she has decided she wants to be on TV.

(Daffodil: “Papa, I want to be on TV.”)

She is contemplating strategies to achieve this:

Daffodil: “Papa, can we put something on America’s Funny Videos?”

Me: “I don’t think we have anything to put on America’s Funny Videos.”

Daffodil: “I could fall in the toilet. I would do that.”

This script has been axed by the suits at the pre-production meeting and sent back to development.


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