Rocket Girl

Rocket Girl

The origins of Rocket Girl are shrouded in mystery. Well, not to me, but there are some things that are better left to the imagination. Suffice it to say that when Daffodil was a very tiny thing circumstances arose that lead to this cognomen, which in turn lead to me writing a little song by the same name which, if you are very, very lucky, I will not at some future date record and post to this blog.

So, having a perfectly good theme song already in the can, it seems unavoidable that at some point I should do a Rocket Girl story, and it seems that this is, more or less, that point. A month or so ago I started giving the idea some consideration, and at that point I was thinking of doing it as an Atom Punk piece, with big Cadillac fins and bubble space helmets, and I did a couple of sketches to notate the general idea. I wasn’t all that thrilled.

Rocket Girl 1

So, after musing on the question a bit, I tried some Diesel Punk ideas. A bit more on the Indiana Jones end of things. Maybe a little better, although I hadn’t got around to designing any machinery yet, which in a project like this is fairly important for the overall look and feel.


After that, I started to think, well, why not go whole hog and go Steam Punk?  I’ve been a big Steam Punk fan since seeing the original Wild, Wild West tv show and a rash of Jules Verne-based movies in my youth. So I messed around with that a little bit, and about this time Management sprang for the tablet (A Surface Pro 3, running Sketchbook Pro, if anyone cares). So I started messing about on that a little too (see header).

RG SP 1b

And then, of course, Daffodil got her hair cut.

Now, normally a haircut is just a haircut, but this one has repercussions. A bob is just not Steam Punk. The ‘punk’ in Steam Punk is, of course, all about taking liberties with reality, but it remains essential to have some stylistic integrity, or what have you got? So, do I use the ‘old Daffodil’ with her knotted and combined locks, like quills upon the fretful porpentine, or skip back to Atom Punk?


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