Dear Daffodil Fans,

I would like to apologize for the recent lack of new Daffodilia gracing this page. Circumstances have not been conducive to producing new product. Not only does my sentence at the Salt Mine interfere with the more or less constant association we once enjoyed; the soul-sucking horror of it leaves me drained and shaken and hardly in the right frame of mind to write or draw or much of anything at all. Generally, by the time Daffodil’s soothing presence has reduced the stresses of the day to a manageable level, one or two of us is asleep, and then before we know it is time for another day of existential terror and despair. Should I draw, under the circumstance, the result would be more like Hieronymus Bosch than anything.

In the car last night:

Daffodil: “Papa, you look sad.”

Me: “Yes, Daffodil. I had a terrible day with terrible people.”

Daffodil: “But then I come along and make everything better.”

Well, it’s true, but the conditions for producing a steady stream of Monsters and Daffodils still do not, at the moment, pertain. Daffodil is as interesting as ever, but her Boswell has proven a weak reed. Her public must learn to accept the most sporadic of updates until the situation improves.

The Management.


5 thoughts on “Apologies

  1. Yeah, I was wondering what happened. Would love to hear what Daffodil thought about her recent Vegas trip…when you are not tired after the joblifesucker that is.

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  2. Apparently Las Vegas is not quite as Family Friendly as Daffodil’s mother seemed to believe. Daffodil reports having seen a lot of pictures of naked girls on the sidewalk. “That’s inappropriate,” she tells me, but I’m not clear whether she is referring to the nudity or the littering.
    Also, they saw Cirque de Soliel, which has lead to some mask making.


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