In Which We Pause

In Which We PauseThe vagaries of WordPress and Facebook and the internet in general being what they are, I find that, despite getting a fair amount of Statistics of one sort or another, I have no real idea how this project is going. So, I’m just going to ask.

How is it going?

Oh, good, fine- enough about you, let’s talk about my blog.

Now, I will start by saying there are all sorts of things that I’m not particularly satisfied with, and you’re welcome to chime in on anything that relates, however tangentially, to Monsters and Daffodils, but what I am particularly concerned with today is the, for want of a better word, art. The drawings. The scribbles. The various marks that are not recognizably letters and punctuation.

As you can see, if you’ve had the patience to get this far, I’ve been messing about with pencils, and occasionally colored pencils with rather varied results. Part of this is rust, pure and simple. Part of this is indecision. And part of this is being lazy and in a hurry. There are things which, even in my declining years, I am capable of, that I have neither the time, energy, nor inclination to do with the regularity required by a blog, and this situation is about to get worse as an evil Fate thrusts me into full-time employment.

My concept, thus far, has been this: the blog, like any blog, is by nature a work-in-progress, so showing the works in progress is not an altogether bad thing. MaD, in particular is about change, and in general is episodic, a pastiche of random snippets and snatches of dialogue, variously presented and described, so consistency is in short supply on any number of levels. So I have taken the position that the illustrations may also be snippets, sketches, scribblings, variously presented. Thus, for consistency we substitute Meta Consistency. This, at least, is my justification for this olio.

I would like, however, to know what you, the gentle reader thinks of all this. Do you like the drawings? Prefer some to others? Why? Why not? ¬†Am I wasting my time and a forest’s-worth of old printer paper? Should they be dispensed with altogether, or taken more seriously? Tell us what you think.