Rocket Girl Strikes Again

RG strikes again

So I did some sketches of Daffodil in her new haircut, with a bit of movement toward cartoony cartooning, instead of my usual illegible scrawl. As you can see from the header, there’s still quite a bit of illegible scrawl, but also (besides a moustache that appeared out of nowhere), a certain sort of Popeye feel to some of it. This got me thinking about the various -Punk genres. By their nature, they tend to be somewhat technologically elastic, but it has always seemed to me fairly essential that if you’re doing Steam Punk that the fundamental elements of design belong to the late 19th century- and certainly no later than the outbreak of WWI. Similarly, Diesel Punk seems to require design rooted in the period from 1930 to the end of WWII. Atom Punk, while it draws on elements of sci-fi going back to the 30s, is still quintessentially 50s- up until we got a real space program.

This, obviously, leaves a gap from 1914 to the market crash of 1929, little bits of which sometimes get pulled back into Steam Punk- usually with the effect on yours truly of seeing a Centurion with a wrist watch in Ben Hur. It does not, though (and I confess I don’t really keep up on these things), appear to be ‘a thing’. And no wonder, because there’s no obvious pervasive technological breakthrough to characterize the era. And this would not be important to anyone, except that Daffodil’s haircut is more 20’s than anything…

RG FP sketch2

At any rate, it seems to me that this is an era that could use some punking, and so I’ve started noodling around with what, for want of a better term, I’m calling Flapper Punk. Naturally a bit of John Held, Jr. is in there, and some Elzie Segar, and perhaps a touch of Winsor McCay are likely to creep in, not to mention Rube Goldberg and even some Georges Barbier if I completely lose my mind (which appears imminent). On the upside, it’s an era with style and a certain amount of innate goofiness, on the downside, it is very not-about-rockets. Rickety, yes. Rockety, not so much. So I will just have to see what sort of rickety rockets and ramshackle robots I can come up with.

RG FP Sketch