Love is in the Air


Daffodil: “Where can we buy a kid?”

Me: “A goat farm?”

Daffodil: “Prob’ly not.”

Me: “You mean a human child?”

Daffodil: “Yeah. Where can we buy a kid?”

Me: “Well, I don’t think you’re supposed to buy children. But I suppose adopting one is like buying it. It costs a lot of money.”

Daffodil: “What is adopting?”

Me: “There are kids who have no family. If you adopt one, they become part of your family.”

Daffodil: “That’s good, right?”

Me: “Yes. Everybody needs a family.”

Daffodil: “Can we go to a place and look at them?”

Me: “You mean, look at kids without families?”

Daffodil: “Yeth.”

Me: “Why do you want to look at kids without families?”

Daffodil: “One of them might be a girl.”

Me: “Sure- some of them are girls, and some are boys.”

Daffodil: “If it was a girl, she might be wearing a beautiful ladybug polka dot dress.”

Me: “I suppose that could happen. And then what?”

Daffodil: “I would talk to her.”

Me: “You wouldn’t talk to her if she wasn’t wearing a beautiful ladybug polka dot dress.”

Daffodil: “Well, I would. I talk to everybody.”

Me: “Yes, you certainly do.”

Daffodil: “Except Bad Guys. I don’t talk to Bad Guys.”

Me: “Sometimes you can’t tell if they’re bad guys until you talk to them.”

Daffodil: “Yeah. If they say, ‘I’m going to rob a little girl. Not you, someone else,’ then you know they’re a Bad Guy.”

Me: “There are more ways to be a bad guy than robbing people.”

Daffodil: “Or robbing a store.”

Me: “So why do you want to talk to a kid with no family?”

Daffodil: “I want a sister. Is mama going to lay anymore babies?”

Me: “No, I don’t think so. I think she’s pretty much done with that.”

Daffodil: “Awwww. Well, then, we have to buy one.”

Note: The header is the Valentine I drew for Daffodil. The pictures don’t always match the story. Deal with it.