Actual Content!

Daffodil: “What kind of guy are you? A don’t want to listen guy?”

Daffodil is giving me art direction. I was attempting to do some character sketches for her book, but she had other ideas. An attempt to deflect her into doing her own drawing ended in me following her detailed, step-by-step instructions instead, to which she then added a few embellishments of her own.

Daffodil: “Put the nose there. Now the cheekline. Eyes. Like this. Look at my eyes. What mouth goes with those eyes? Look here. Okay, good.”

Me: “What about the hair?”

Daffodil: “Curly, like this. Loop, loop, loop. Here. Loop, loop. Loop, loop, loop. Loop, loop. More! Loop! Looploop!”

Me: “How is that?”

Daffodil: “Good. He looks worried. Why is he worried?”

Me: “Maybe because he’s up to his neck in water.”

Daffodil: “And it’s raining. Make a drop shape.”

Me: “How about you make a drop shape?”

Daffodil: “AAAUUUGH! No, you! You do it! Just do it!”

Me: “Okay, okay. Here, that’s a drop shape.”

Daffodil: “Right here. A drop. Drop, drop, drop. Big drop. Little drops, right here, here and here. Big drop. That’s not a big drop! What, are you tired? Make a big drop!”

boy in water

Blue pencil on old fan fold printer paper was not the best choice for scanning, but you get the idea. The choice of image may have been influenced by our leaky roof.