Shameless Beggary

This is the conversation I imagine having with (any of) you:

Capitalism sucks

So, I am not expecting a lot of sympathy from the public. The basic problems of survival confront us all, and the particular problem of surviving without spending all of my time in a cubicle is, I assume, beyond the power of The Public to address until the as-yet-unwritten Life of Daffodil becomes an international best-seller. So why am I whining?

It is exactly because of the as-yet-unwritten Life of Daffodil. Along with the many other sacrifices the God of Gainful Employment demands is the time that other else would be applied to that project, and, of course, this blog, which is, in theory, a part of that process.

“That’s the breaks, babycakes,” you say.

Perhaps the kinder among you say, “Oh, that’s too bad, but what can I do?”

Well, here’s what you can do. You can contribute to my Cintiq fund.

“How is perfume going to solve your problem?” you ask. It’s not. A Cintiq is a ridiculously expensive shiny toy. An “interactive pen display”. Ie: a computer screen you can draw on directly with a stylus. While I can, and indeed will, go on scribbling with pencils and what-not on cheap copy paper, the process of rendering these even marginally suitable for public consumption is time consuming. A Cintiq allows one to skip a lot of messy clean up and adjustment in Photoshop; to rework or abandon parts of a drawing that aren’t working without having to redo the parts that are; and, perhaps most importantly for my plans of World Conquest, to ‘paint digitally’. That is, to create full-color, painting-like images entirely in the computer. There are other ways to do this, but they involve a kind of hand-eye coordination that has proven beyond me. I am old-school- and old- and I really need to see the pencil meet the paper.

I could do this outside the computer- that’s my background, mostly: oil painting- but this requires several things that I have not had since Daffodil was born: to wit, uninterrupted blocks of time, ventilation, and a workplace in which I can arrange a wide variety of toxic substances without fear that a curious young Daffodil will get into them when I’m not looking.

With a Cintiq, I could start and stop as needed, with no brushes being ruined or surfaces crusting up; I can do it where we actually live, with Daffodil present (at least when she’s asleep, as she now sometimes is); and I need have no (added) fears of needing to call Poison Control at any moment.

The art (?) so far associated with Monsters and Daffodils is sketchy and off-hand; just warm-up stuff, really. It’s intended to be quick and fun, but it is certainly not ‘print-ready.’ Nor is it ‘bling-ready’, and I would like to produces some MaD bling. Who doesn’t want a Monster coffee mug or a Daffodil t-shirt, after all? Well, okay, but that’s you.

Anyway, in the interests of efficiency, productivity, quality, Mo Betta Daffodil, and Bling, I’m asking you to contribute to my Cintiq fund. If you contribute ten or more somolians (in USD), I will send you a digital Monster/Daffodil/Pooka sketch (provide email addy!), once I have the Cintiq in operation. A contribution above 40 smackers gets an actual digital print sent by actual mail of some kind, unless you’re a foreigner, in which case I have to figure out what that might cost. Sixty bones, some sort of scribble on actual paper that’s been part of the Daffodil process. Toss in a Benjamin, you’ll get a mention in the first Monster/Pooka/Daffodil book. Make it a grand and I’ll dedicate the book to you.

Why not Kickstarter? Low expectations, ain’t nobody got time for that, and why give them a cut?

My Paypal account, in case anyone actually wants to respond, is